Flattering rythms, soft melodies and heavenly vocals. That’s everything Acromonia is not. Acromonia means hard riffs, deep vocals and impelling melodies. Acromonia is Melodic Death Metal, versatilely swayed and presented unvarnished. Two Guitars, Drums, Keys, Bass and Vocals are all the ingredients Acromonia needs to create songs that stomp, impel and martially rage. Healthy aggressiveness bearing sense and structure for seasoning. Firm but fair is the device.


Acromonia was founded with the aim to produce and perform Melodic Death Metal in 2009 in Heilbronn, Germany. 2010 the band, their debut songs with them, dared to step on stage to present what they have been tinkering on so eagerly. The Reactions have been positive and therefor encouraged to further the ambitions to develop Acromonia. An EP for starters, it was decided. And so all the effort went into the “Human Downfall” EP, containing five songs, being released in 2011.


Though “Human Downfall” left a good impression and had a good reception with critics, things grew a little silent around the band after the release. But that didn’t mean Acromonia was done just yet. A full length record, the first project of this kind for the band and its members, has been set as the next goal. “From Hell’s Heights Into Heaven’s Abyss” is the name of this 12 songs strong album that has been delivered in June 2016.


And this is not where it all ends. Acromonia remains to be expected.